Global Data Decodes the Future and I Come Along for the Ride

So it’s been since 2015, and here we on at the start of 2017 and I know that’s a lotta dog years in business, but I’m looking for Datamonitor Consumer, a division of Datamonitor, which Wikipedia suggests to me is probably no more for this world (yep: click into and we forward immediately to Informa, part of Pharma Intelligence, I mean, um, the other way around. Nothing there suggests they own Datamonitor anymore, so a bit more searching puts the new owner as one “Canadean” and reveals this cluckerfust:

Global Data

Now that there question mark you see, that’s on purpose. I mean, it’s a mistake obviously but it’s real. Now we’re into ICD and ERC and “you’ve previously known us as” Canadean and finally (finally?) GLOBAL DATA. Well, fine. I’m decoding the future and it’s a parlay that we’ll see another named entity associating to our search before long.

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