Ulysses, the hero
Ulysses, the hero

Tales of Brave Ulysses

I’ve written for years about the problems with attaching numbering schemes to named goods and services. It’s just an endless morass of confusion that never improves, broken from the start. Microsoft and its products were some of the most obvious offenders and the only improvement, if improvement it can be called, is that they release their products now a little more timely so that Office 2016 is actually ahead of the curve in 2015, rather than all of us using Office 2008 ten years later, or Windows98 a hundred years later, utterly absurd. Here’s a nice bit:

Got that? Ulysses 2 comes after Ulysses III. Soulmen’s numbering scheme makes Windows versions look clear-cut.

says a fellow about the Ulysses app trying to get their naming back on target.

The automobile industry, well before the software industry, tried their hand at it in the only way engineers know how to name things: with inane combinations of letters (and sometimes accompanying numbers) that preclude the possibility of repetition, enforcing the kind of in-the-know usage only car needs could appreciate.

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