The iPad Brand Name

Remember how everybody flipped out about the name “iPad”—even before it was officially the name of Apple’s tablet? We did. But imagine if it had been called the iSlate, or iTablet, iTabloid, or just iTab.

That “we” up there is Gizmodo speaking. In a recent article titled “How We Underestimated the iPad,” they recall the pre-launch and even post-launch days when the name was decried for its feminine hygiene overtones. Honestly? Yes I recall. You probably recall too. There’s a lesson to be learned here about the nature of brand support for a name, once the story and personality and positioning are agreed to. The lesson is, in part anyway: do not be distracted by fluff. Name development is difficult enough, and certainly all concerns should be voiced and looked at, but keep your eye on the ball. Brand support will make all the difference. After all, AirBNB is working…isn’t it? (Topic for a future post.)

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