Weather or Not

Can you believe they name winter storms without seeing them first? With no regard whatsoever for the character of the storm, its look, the color of its eyes, its astrological sign, nuthin. Just an alphabetical list and when your numbers up, wham. O the ignominy!

Well that’s the Weather Channel for you. Apparently they have a “naming program”, which includes, at least in part, public polls to determine popularity. The IMPACT program tracks storm, um, impact. With science!

After a couple of years experimenting and refining different quantitative methods, the team developed and implemented a procedure to evaluate the potential impacts of winter storms. The process, referred to as IMPACT for Integrated Meteorological Population and Area Calculation Tool, calculates the population and area that is forecast to be impacted by winter weather based on thresholds set by the National Weather Service for winter weather warnings.

The tool seems to simply be a criterion for whether or not a system gets named. How this then translates into actual names, they do not say.

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